Every thought we think is creating the future

Every thought we think is creating the future

aloha darlin..how are you being in this moment?

deep breath..slowing down..really listening..getting curious.

how am i being?

how am i feeling?

do i feel supported?

can i support myself with anything more..to feel…

the way i truly want to feel?

or can i simply choose..

to attune to the frequency – feeling – state of being…

i most desire residing in?

once we clear out more of whats not ours..and never was..

we can feel more spaciousness..and openness..to simply being…


allowing divinity to move through..

without trying, efforting, masking, posturing.

tis quite a wild experience to behold. when you start observing in yourself..this capacity..to witness and watch..and not react..or engage in the old protective survival games.

there is something else happening here. someone else being here..underneath it all.

underneath what used to be so much noise, impossible to see through.

now we can see more clearly. than ever before.

remembering ourselves. and really..tuning in. to our heart, truth, more love..seeing ourselves. as we are.

more and more i see little children in all our faces.

we are returning to the divine child within. embodying god-spirit-source.

we are innocent. we are holy. we are whole.

we are here to play and enjoy.

i had a breakthrough this weekend..around THIS.

letting go of posturing at an even deeper level, that protected from shame and insecurity at being seen as not enough or wrong..

it emerged through dancing. and finally feeling more free to express and play and enjoy..because i finally had reached a new level of self-containment of my energy..feeling impermeable to outside energies..in a deeper way than ever before.

feeling inner stability to simply be me. without caring or tuning into others feelings or thoughts.

which is a miracle..after living in this body for 30+ years that had to be so highly attuned to tracking the field..to be safe..and affirm survival. because needs were not met for so long..hence an overdeveloped skill of tracking resources externally had to come into existence…how else would we survive?

and then..we learn to let this go..layer by layer..in all its complexity.

remembering we have it…what we need..here, within, we really do..and we learn to believe that we do. and trust ourselves..to source our needs..in the moment they arise.

allowing availability now for true love and interdependence. sovereign union. coherence in all relations. true presence and authenticity. true allowing of what is.

thank you thank you thank you.

Life is really, really divine.

I am grateful to be alive, on earth, embodied in-as this awesome being.

Expanding capacity for more love, joy, connection, depth, play, innocence and pure authenticity.
Grateful for all the layers of the journey and lessons it’s taken to prepare..for simply allowing and being, here.
More please.
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